mortgage broker

Mortgage Broker

What do they do that’s so important?

Mortgage brokers provide competition and choice, and give borrowers lending options that most people are just not aware of, and these options enable borrowers to get better outcomes.
- Peter White, Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) Managing Director

Free advice to choose your loan

Banks used to be the only place to look for a loan. Problem is they would only offer you their ones, even if it’s not an ideal product for you. Also, just for enquiring with a bank, you’ll likely be issued with an enquiry on your credit record, tainting your credit rating and decreasing your eligibility to apply elsewhere. Mortgage brokers were born bringing much-needed competition and better outcomes for clients. We source the lenders who’s policies meet your personal situation and narrow them down to the best value options. On top of all that, in most cases, we don’t charge a fee to you for our service. We invest in you, whether or not you proceed in getting a loan through us.

Some Mortgage Brokers have favourites

Be warned though some mortgage brokers aren't completely straightforward and transparent. When they're searching for the best loan to fit you with they may only choose from their top three or four favourites. This is especially true for many franchise branded mortgage brokers. Some brokers are only accredited with three or four lenders because it’s easier for the broker to only have to learn the policies and processes of a few lenders.

But Grace is different...

We have no favourites. We scour 30 different lenders and banks. Comparing their policies, hidden fees and anonymously calculating your borrowing capacity with each individual lender (no marks on your credit record!).

The loan products with all your required features for the cheapest price is the one we recommend. Then we leave it for you to decide if you want to go forward with it or one of the others on our shortlist. We will even recommend you not getting a loan if we think that's the better option for your circumstance.

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