Different home loan features are important for each family and borrower. Some people want the security of a fixed interest rate. Others want the flexibility associated with a variable rate. A 100% offset account is a "must have" for some borrowers, while others are quite happy with an "all in one" transaction loan account or even a simple "no frills" home loan.

We understand the merits of each feature and listen carefully to your desires to recommend a loan suited to you.


Low interest rates are not the ultimate thing for any loan, but given that you are comparing "apples with apples" when it comes to the home loan features, bank infrastructure and other matters that are important to you, you would then naturally want the one with the lowest cost.

Sometimes it can be hard to compare the real overall cost of a loan as some may have a low rate but significant fees, where others may have a slightly higher rate with no fees. Our software allows us to compare the available loans and actually see how many dollars you save over the life of the loan with one as compared to another.


How do you judge quality when it comes to banks and other lenders? Apart from the actual loan features it comes down to customer care, ease of access to do what you need to do. That might be by way of a highly functional website or a local branch that's easy to get to.

What it's not about is the quality of their advertising. You may love Jeep ads on TV, but still prefer a BMW X5!

For you, it may be that your comfort with a bank that you have dealt with for a long time is important. Others may not be fussed, and may even relish the idea of coming on-board with a a progressive bank with the latest in technology on line and with mobile apps.

We search for the best loans for you from major banks and other lenders

Great Grace

in a home loan!

It pays to come to Grace Loans!

We search out loans that suit you and your circumstances from a wide selection of banks and other lenders, then work out which ones have the lowest cost.  You then pick the one you prefer.  Our fees are covered by what the banks pay, so you don't have to come up with anything extra.

It's common for our clients to save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their loan, and we have even seen projected savings above $100,000!

It doesn't cost you anything for us to work out what we should be able to do for you, so give us a call today.  02 4905 0250

We search for and deliver loans that suit you!

When you go to a bank, you know what loan they are going to recommend. It will be one of their loans. Most banks will have a few different varieties, but not the multitude of choices that are available through a mortgage broker.

The whole concept of working through a broker is to make it easy to find the loan that is going to be best for you in your circumstances. In addition, while the banks will offer special deals from time to time, even that will vary. One month it might be bank A that has the fabulous deal, and a few weeks later it could be bank B.

Many of those deals will give you a continued discount over the life of the loan, so they can make a significant difference.

At Grace Loans we are aware of the products available through a wide variety of lenders. As we seek to understand your situation we will then make a recommendation for the loan that will suit you. On top of that, we find you a great interest rate and low fees!

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“My husband and I are buying a house with the help of Grace Financial Services. We are so happy with their professional service and the extra step they go with care and support. Highly recommend them!”



“Jim didn't just go the extra mile for us as first home buyers, but went a few extra miles after that. Could not speak highly enough of the service”




Down to earth.





“Awesome service! It's refreshing to deal with someone who walks In integrity!”



“Trustworthy and reliable.”



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Grace Loans is a division of Grace Financial Services, your one stop financial shop. It was established in 2013 by James Massey, the former Manager of Financial Planning at a Hunter Valley financial planning company and Chief Financial & Information Officer at an Australian mortgage company. He has fifteen years experience in the financial services industry.


James Massey, Director


  •   Former automotive engineer
  •   Sixteen years of financial planning experience
  •   Author of several eBooks re. financial affairs and Christian living


  •   Qualifications include: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Master of Divinity, Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and a Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  •   Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser
  •   SMSF and listed product (shares, bonds, etc.) specialist
  •   Senior Associate of the Financial Institute of Australasia
  •   Certified Advisor, Property Investment Association of Australia


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Grace Loans is a trading name of Grace Financial Services Pty Ltd, authorised representative of HNW Planning Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licence number 225216, Australian Credit Licence number 225216.

Our offices are in Toronto NSW, just south of Newcastle on the western shore of Lake Macquarie. We are located between Toronto Diggers and the Greater Building Society, above Mission Providence. Enter the glass roofed arcade, come up the stairs and turn to your right, and you have arrived!

Our sandwich board sign out on the footpath and sign on the window (look up!) making finding us easy.

Grace Financial Services
3/35 The Boulevarde
Toronto NSW 2283

Phone 02 4905 0250


Generally you need to make an appointment to meet with James, but if you find yourself in Toronto, stick your head in the door and say "Hi !"

Our trading hours are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, but we can accommodate other times when necessary, or even meet with you in your home. Give us a call and we will work something out.



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Christian Mortgage Broker offering commission rebated home loans

Grace Loans is a trading name of Grace Financial Services Pty Ltd, authorised representative of HNW Planning Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence number 225216

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Christian Mortgage Broker offering commission rebated home loans
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Christian Mortgage Broker offering commission rebated home loans

Grace Financial Services Pty Ltd trading as Grace Loans. Grace Financial Services and James Massey are authorised representatives of HNW Planning Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licence number 225216, Australian Credit Licence number 225216.

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