The A Team

Wednesday 13 July 22

The A Team

The A-Team

A First Home buyers Guide to setting yourself up for success


Step One- Broker

Your broker is your expert in charge of getting you approved for finance. They compare the market and select lenders who’s products and policies fit in with your requirements. You’ll want to be chatting to your broker at least 3 months prior to your application so they can coach you on how to make sure your bank statements and savings are in check. 3 months is the critical point, as the lender will generally ask for three months of bank statements for the application.

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Step Two- Buyers Agent

After the broker get’s you pre-approved, your buyers agent swoops in to carry you to the ideal house. Your buyers agent finds out exactly what you want in a property and takes you through the perfect place. Then they fight for you, negotiating with the realtors to get your offer approved for the best price before the other buyers.

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Step Three- Conveyancing

Your conveyancer is the expert on legal matters and will coach you on all the points you need to learn about purchasing your first home. Law Rep provides a free First Home Buyers advice session where they will educate you and walk you through the process. Once you have a contract of sale for that perfect property, they will be your main contact and liaise with the vendor on your behalf.

Call Law Rep on (02) 4044 5495

Honestly, it’s as simple as choosing your lender, saying yes to your dream house and letting the A-team do the rest!

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