Home and Investment Loans

Saturday 25 May 19

Home and Investment Loans

A home loan or other forms of borrowing is not free money. But it is something that can enable you to purchase something that you otherwise could not afford, at least at this point in time.

It may not be wise to purchase certain things with a loan. If the item is a “want” instead of a “need” and it is something that will lose value rapidly, you would want to listen to your “second thoughts.” But where it enables you to achieve your goals and dreams quicker, and the repayments are sensible and appropriate, it is worth considering.

Investment loans can be especially effective for people in certain situations with appropriate investments. Not only does it make an investment such as a rental property possible to purchase, it has the characteristic of multiplying the returns. Having said that, you do need to choose the investment carefully. While the gearing that you get with the loan will multiply positive returns, it will also multiply negative ones, and on that side of the equation the impact can be quite severe.

We are here to help you take a sensible approach. Our business is very holistic when it comes to financial matters so we are not going to push you one way or the other. Instead we will simply seek to understand you, your goals and individual circumstances, then provide you advice towards implementing suitable strategies.

Should you already have a loan, as we are able to deal with many different banks and lenders across Australia, we can evaluate your loan to see if it is suitable and whether or not you are able to save money by changing lenders. There is no cost or obligation for us to make that evaluation for you.

Call us today on 02 4905 0250. We are able to help you wherever you might find yourself in Australia, so don’t consider distance from our offices a barrier.

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